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Code of conduct. Principles for responsible lending


"About Leasing in Romania "


1. Foreword

2. Leasing in Romania
     a. The dynamics of the leasing market in Romania
     b. “Leasing and Vehicles’ Market over 2003-2006”
     c. “Beyond car leasing”
     d. “Taxation and leasing operations”
     e. “The Credit Bureau – an efficient partner”

3. ALB introduces itself
     a. Brief history
     b. Press releases 2006-2004.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the leasing market in Romania (ALB graphics)

4. Legislation:
a. Leasing Law No. 287/2006
b. Government Ordinance No. 51/1997, republished, on leasing operations and leasing
c. Government Ordinance No. 28/2006, Title I, on crediting activities of non-banking financial institutions
d. Law No. 266/2006 to approve Government Ordinance No. 28/2006
e. Norms of the National Bank of Romania:
i. NBR Norm No. 2 of 20.04.06 regarding the minimum capital of non-banking financial
ii. NBR Norm No. 3 of 20.04.06 on the General Record Book, the Special Record
Book and the Registry Book
iii. NBR Norm No. 4 of 20.04.06 on the notification procedure and the registration
of non-banking financial institutions into registers
iv. NBR Norm No. 7 of 01.06.2004 concerning the changes in the corporate status
of non-banking financial institutions
v. NBR Norm No. 16 of 05.09.06 regarding own funds of non-banking financial
vi. NBR Norm No. 17 of 05.09.06 on monitoring the exposure of non-banking financial
vii. NBR Norm No. 18 of 05.09.06 on the organisation and internal control, significant
risk management and internal audit of non-banking financial institutions
viii. NBR Norm No. 20 / 13.09.2006 that amends Norm No. 10/2005 on the limitation
of credit risks associated to credits extended to individuals
ix. Order No. 2 / 01.06.2006 on how non-banking financial institutions should organise
and keep their accounting records and prepare their financial statements
x. Order No. 3 / 17.07. 2006 regarding the approval of the regular financial statement
templates and of the methodological norms that govern the way in which nonbanking
financial institutions should prepare and use these financial statements
f. Law No. 343/2006 to amend Tax Code Law No. 571/2003 – articles 7, 8, 22, 251, 256

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