Conferinta anuala alb Romania 2018

15 noiembrie 2018 • Hotel JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

Dear guests,

In these few lines, we would like to introduce ourselves in a simple and coherent way by answering to questions that any visitor might have while opening an institution’s website. We would like to tell who we are, what we want and how we believe our goals could be achieved.

A professional association like the Financial Services Association - ALB Romania is more than a club. It acts like a spokesperson for its members in relation with the authorities, the media and other similar organizations, as well as a consultative body for the industry it represents. The basic law of an association is its Statute, which is agreed upon through the unanimity of its members. The Statute is the internal rule defining who could become a member of the association and which are the bodies and the internal rules having the decision and/or the authority power within the association. In other words, an association is an institution representing the civil society in its field of activity.

The Financial Services Association - ALB Romania is organized in five specialized Working Committees, the Marketing Committee, the Legal Committee, the Fiscal Committee, the Risk and the Logistic Committee dedicated both to the leasing and consumer credit and to the factoring and the mortgage credit. These committees are consultative bodies that forward to the Board of Directors the decisions that are to be later on forwarded to the General Assembly. Each member with full-rights is represented at an expert level in all the committees. The Board of Directors has a representation at the general manager position. The President has a one-year term, the succession to the Association’s presidency obeying the democratic principle of rotation.

The committees meet monthly and are the ones that analyze the issues that are to be debated. In many occasions, there are decisions taken by the authorities that must be analyzed in order to react to the extent of supporting their enforcement or amending for a better efficiency. This exercise is the one proving the cohesion and the team spirit in an association. Defining and accepting priorities by all the members are essential. Starting form this concept, we can say that the life of a professional association is more than that team spirit which develops a corporate culture. The life of an association is the one that lays the basis for developing a professional culture, a spirit that would represent an industry with all that it means at a national an international level. And we stress with conviction the “international” side, since the Financial Services Association - ALB Romania includes as its members representatives of European foreign capital investments in Romania from Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. Such a structure for a professional association gathers the cultural affinities from each represented country as well as the financial experience and know-how of each country. The involvement and desire of the members to come not just with advices but with specific proposals aiming at sustaining and improving the Romanian business environment is a very welcomed development. It is encouraging to see at the same table competitors that under the “umbrella” of the Association share opinions and problems they face with the intention of solving them at a macroeconomic level. Through its behavior, a professional association becomes a competent, professional and reliable dialogue partner in the relation with the responsible authorities. Throughout this total transparency to the negotiations table with serious issues related to the product and to the market identification including all its players (financers and consumer/client), the Association becomes a representative forum of the respective industry. The Association has to become a “team builder” of both the profession and industry it represents, a business club and equally a professional club ready in every moment to give a coherent and correct answer to the problems from its activity field not only at the macroeconomic level. We succeeded to present competitive opinions on behalf of all our members, but under the ALB heading, to the responsible authorities on all the occasions when adequate answers have been requested on a short notice concerning the amendment proposals to the leasing law, the fiscal Code, the G.O. 28/2006 etc.

The managing of the life of an association means turning diversity into unity, integrating heterogeneity into harmony, diagnosing the long-term problems of the industry it represents, even if the diagnose proposes a treatment that could sometimes be in the detriment of some members of the association. To put it differently, an association is a mirror of its industry and it should forward in full transparency its image and facts to the business and administrative environments.

In the same context of the team spirit, the Financial Services Association - ALB Romania launched this year the bowling tournament of the leasing companies that takes place once in a year. It is an example of that kind of exercise in which employees specialized in such a precise field as the financial services are able to abandon the formal behavior and know each other, without the complexities induced by the competition in this field.